About Us

No Joke, this site was built out of love and frustration for the cannabis industry.

The “cannabis tax” on small businesses is already high, and I wanted to build a site that didn’t make you invest a small fortune or join a club to get your business listed.

When I bought this domain, I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it exclusive or inclusive. After celebrating another year in the industry, I decided to make it open to everyone that works in the business. With rising costs on other maps platforms, taxes, mandatory contracts from POS providers, and a whole other list of business expenses, I decided to make this a mostly free platform (with the option to buy ad space and pay for a premium listing). There is a cost to host and manage a website :).

Thanks for supporting our fun little pay it forward project to the cannabis industry.

If you have any questions regarding a listing or if you are interested in submitting content for the site, feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn or via the contact page.

Wishing you all success, prosperity and growth!

Max Juhasz